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Sessions of the conference:


Session 1. Population dynamics. Mechanisms and adaptive function of heterogeneity of natural populations

Session Chairs: S.V. Naidenko, Е.А. Novikov, K.A. Rogovin

Session 2. Animals in a transformed environment: population and species adaptation

Session Chairs: V.V. Rozhnov, N.S. Moskvitina

Session 3. Population-based exploitation and conservation of wildlife

Session Chairs: M.V. Kholodova, А.М. Аdam

Session 4. Spatio-temporal dynamics of species and communities

Session Chairs: Yu.N. Litvinov, V.N. Kuranova

Materials of the conference are published in the scientific journal “Principles of the Ecology” (Petrozavodsk State University).

The link to the collection: II International scientific conference "Population Ecology of Animals", dedicated to the memory of Academician I.A. Shilov (Tomsk, October 10-14, 2016) // Principy èkologii. 2016. Vol. 5. № 3. P. 1–168.


The electronic version of the text (both in Russian and in English; PDF) is available by links below.

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